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Soltura, Spanish feminine noun


1: looseness, slackness
2: fluency (of language)
3: agility, ease of movement

Hey g'day! My name's Jenny Lorraine. I've been on LJ for some time, and upon some input from a cool friend I decided to poke my feet into the new frontier world which is DreamWidth. :)

A Bit About Me:

I'm 25 and am in the process of balancing my life.  Soltura seems to be a good word for the qualities I'm wanting to enhance.

I'm taking time off before grad school to pursue creative projects,  get off of energy drinks (my family and friends were all convinced I needed rehab), rediscover what I love about learning, and participate in research with the Galaxy Evolution Group at a mid-sized urban university with a kangaroo mascot. (More info on this: I'm a research assistant to a bald, tattoo-armed astrophysicist, I sort galaxies and study galaxy composition, and am the lowest animal on the totem pole at the major Hubble legacy project,

I have always loved writing, so blogging comes naturally.

I'm creative and enthusiastic, I love almost everything in nature, I'm playful, and I do both "left brain" and "right brain" things with equal enthusiasm. I'm supposedly an ENFJ. (Extrovert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging).

Family is hugely important to me. I generally take good care of myself, however, I am definitely more than a little 
cyclothymic . I have long brown hair which I have just managed to grow out again to the point I could censor the top half of myself if I was posing for an Eve in the garden scene. The goal is to get it so long I wouldn't need to stand behind a bush, but I think genetics has prolly ruled that out. :)

Some facts:

1. I am drinking "sassy water." (Ginger, lemon, cucumber water.)
2. I was homeschooled. Like many homeschoolers, I am eccentric and happy with it.
3. I am extraordinarily skeptical but I love paranormal stuff in addition to my obsession with science.
4. I have a little brother who just started college. He's very funny.
5. I secretly believe in fairies.
6. I  am very loud or very quiet.
7. I like hard rock.
8. A few things about me seem to be rare. Among these are that I am a physicist who believes in fairies and the fact I am great at calculus and bad at arithmetic.
9. I do not own a car yet.
10. I love Casey's pizza.
11. I am cheerful and religiously upbeat.
12. Under all that I have a deep melancholic streak. My melancholic side has a strong sense of beauty and drama, though, so unless I veer into emo-land, it's all good.
13. I drink a lot of tea and Vitamin Water.
14. The other night I derived part of string theory.
15. I was mad because I was trying to come up with something new.
16. My favorite female singers are Alison Sudol and Katie Perry. Go figure.
17. I am a converted Catholic.
18. I almost always carry a rosary.
19. I also have a pentagram necklace and a pendant with the goddess Durga. Take what you want from that. 
20. Black holes and quantum physics mesmerize me.
21. I am obsessed with nature and big cats -- particularly Bengal tigers.
22. My biggest crushes to date were both on male authority figures 20 years older than me. Send for Freud.
23. I can count my closest friends on one hand.
24. I'm looking for something.
25. I think everything in the universe is the imprint of God/Soul.
26. I think you can explain how everything works without talking about God, but that this has more to do with language and logic and what it covers than whether or not there is a God. (God is not about how. God's about why.)
27. I have a lot of love. I have some very good friends.
28. I'm still looking for Mr. Right. I imagine he is an anthropologist/psychologist/explorer type maybe about 15 years older than me. He has expressive eyes and broad shoulders and has a dynamic low voice. He is very dedicated to a cause or a dream and is a bit cyclothymic himself. (These are qualities I like...)
29. I love Ursula Vernon's art and the webcomic "
Digger." I need to catch up on it.
30. Shigeru Miyamato is one of my heros. I <3 Yoshi.
31. I want to learn more about yoga, energy healing, and embodied spirituality. I have no idea why any of it should work, but I think it does. Unlike some scientists, I'm pragmatic: if something works, I don't care if I can't satisfactorily explain it. I'll still do it.
32. Like life, for instance.
33. Of course I'll always be trying. :D

If you friend me and are very good, I'll give you my facebook on here and you can get to know me a bit better.

I decided to close with some music I like. I could torture you with Pink Floyd or Nine Inch Nails, but I've decided to set the tone of Soltura with A Fine Frenzy and Ingrid Michaelson. :)

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